Installing precompiled Nunn Library, source code and demo applications on Windows


You can download *.zip packages, that are standalone binary installers for Nunn at following the links 
To install Nunn library and sample applications, double-click on the setup.exe contained in the zipped file, and follow the instructions. 
Both x64 and 386 precompiled versions are provided.

Binaries have been built by using Microsoft Visual C++ 2015, so you may need to install Visual C++ Redistributable Packages.
To do this, search for "Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2015" or use the following link 

Build and install Nunn Library on Linux

Get the latest released code. You can download the latest released version at Sourceforge or GitHub at links:
Download and uncompress it.
Enter the package-name directory where you uncompressed it

cd your-package-name-directory

and just type the following commands:
cd nunn
sudo make install
cd ..
cd mnist
sudo make install
cd ..
sudo make install

Git repository

The source code is managed using the git version control system. 
To get your own copy of the project sources, you may use the following command:
git clone

or from Sourceforge repository:
git clone git:// nunn-code

If the git protocol is blocked by your local area network, then you can use the alternative HTTP protocol instead:
git clone nunn-code