How to build it?
Nunn Library source has been written in C++11 and compiles under several operating systems including Windows and Linux. 
To compile Nunn Library and related sample applications you may create a Visual Studio 2015 console application or build it by using GCC >= 4.8.1 (both VS project files and autoconf/automake scripts have been provided) or again using MinGW >= 4.8.1.

Building Nunn Library using Visual Studio
Getting the latest released codeDownload and uncompress it. Solution and projects files are provided. Use Visual Studio ( load and build the solution.
  • Run VS and load solution file nunn.sln
  • Select Target (Release, Release64, ...)
  • Select architecture 
    • Win32 for Debug and Release or 
    • x64 for Debug64 and Release64
  • Build solution
Please, see also how building and cleaning projects and solutions in Visual Studio at link

Prerequisites for building Nunn Library on Windows
You need Visual Studio 2015.
It is also possible to build the solution using Visual Studio 2013, but to do this you need to modify project files in order to set PlatformToolset to v120.

Building Nunn Library on Linux
Getting the latest released codeDownload and uncompress it.
Enter the package-name directory where you uncompressed it, and type the following commands:


cd nunn
sudo make install
cd ..

Prerequisites for building Nunn Library on Linux
To build Nunn Library on Linux you need to install GNU g++ compiler.
For example, using a Debian/Ubuntu distros open the Terminal and then type the following apt-get command as root user:
sudo apt-get install build-essential

See also


Building in a separate 'build' directory
To separate source and build directories you have to create the build directory anywhere you want and call configure from there. 
This will then build the code in the build directory you have created

mkdir your_nunn_build_dir
cd your_nunn_build_dir