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template<class Tstruct rneuron_t : public neuron_t<T>

This template class represents a neuron of a neural network neuron layer used by RMLP NN



  • nu

Public Attributes

  • vector_t < T > delta_weights_tm1;
    Amount by which weights changed in the previous BPTT iteration

String Stream Operators

  • friend std::stringstreamoperator>>(std::stringstream& ss, rneuron_t& n) noexcept;
    Load and reinitialize the neuron by using data of the given string stream
  • friend std::stringstreamoperator<<(std::stringstream& ss, rneuron_t& n) noexcept;
    Save neuron status into the given string stream

Public methods

  • void resize(size_t sizenoexcept;
    size_t size: 
    [in] new vector size
    Resize all the weights-related vectors