API Reference

  • class nu::rmlp_neural_net_t
    This class represents a RMLP neural net (is a recurrent version of MLP which uses a variant of BPTT algorithm)
  • class nu::perceptron_t
    This class represents a Perceptron neural net
  • class nu::hopfieldnn_t 
    This is an implementation of a Hopfield Neural Network
  • class nu::nn_trainer_t<N,I,T>
    This template trainer class is a generic helper for neural networks training
  • class nu::neuron_t
    This template class represents a neuron of a neural network neuron layer
  • class nu::sigmoid_t
    This class implements the logistic function
  • class nu::vector_t<T>
    This class wraps a std::vector to basically make it capable to perform math operations used by learning algorithms